The Future of Golf


Most golf organizations are trying to expand the game through junior golf programs. This concept needs to always remain in place. But golf right now, is struggling during this tough economy. We need help quickly to right the ship, and continue growing the game.

Our main goal with Corporate Golf is to teach brand new golfers a great lifetime wellness activity.One that can be played by everyone from children to seniors. At large corporations you have executives from all levels, along with office and plant workers. Other than top management, you have very few country clubs members. While some other employees play golf (in nine hole leagues), many don’t play at all.

These employees make up our target market, all through the Wellness Department. To lower insurance cost today, everyone is participating in the company Health and Wellness activities. We have convinced management, that Golf is the best lifetime Wellness activity possible for all their employees.

The CEO of HUMANA insurance Mike McCalister said this about golf, it’s a great sport for your well-being and fitness, as well as a way to do things with your family.That is a very important element that’s missing in today’s world, family activities. A sport where the father, the mother, the grandparents, and the children can do it together.

Our concept makes it really hard for an employee not to try golf, by teaching the game right inside their plant. We bring everything needed to learn this new sport, they only have to show up for the lesson. We teach them to hit the ball Quickly, so like all of us golfers, they get that great powerful feeling of hitting a golf ball.

At Ontal – Corporate Golf Wellness we start three must do programs, one for women, one for seniors, and another for juniors. In today’s corporate world women hold many management positions. Having the skill set of golf allows the opportunity to not only conduct business in the workplace, but also on the golf course. The children could learn golf early, and gain a lifetime sport.

As golf professionals and teachers we absolutely have to HELP, bring NEW GOLFERS to the game. By bringing ADULT GOLFERS instead of just juniors, we can impact every avenue of the golf industry. This group has expendable income to use on every possible golf market. This is what the golf industry needs RIGHT NOW, not in the future.

So every available golf professional should get involved with their local corporations, because that’s where there is an unlimited amount of new ADULT GOLFERS. Contact us and learn how to successfully get into your local companies, and maintain that business for years to come. Most golf instructors will also love having additional long term golf students to teach.We have successfully done this for twenty years now, so let us help you get started. It’s free with no franchise fee, so let us help you out.


Does corporate golf work for young assistant pros early in their golf careers? The answer is definitely yes, for many reasons. First and maybe most important is the Extra Money they make from corporate golf while still being a young assistant pro. Second is the valuable experiences they get from corporate golf. These include marketing, teaching, club fitting, equipment sales, and running employee events. Normally young assistant pros won’t get much teaching or marketing experience at all. As for sales and running events that depends on the professional.

Armed with your certification from the Corporate Golf School you would be the only person trained at the course, to handle any corporate golf accounts. This would make you a very valuable assistant pro.Remember every other assistant cost them money for working, while you could actually make money. The head golf professional then, could with your help and knowledge, develop every member’s company, into a successful corporate account. Using your training you could help those member companies, create a golf wellness program. This would make the member look good at his own workplace, by bringing a new wellness program to his company. Then the head pro and yourself, would also have a new account for the Corporate Golf Program. During the main golf season, almost all the corporate work would be done by you. Then during the off season, the head pro would have new projects to work on.This could form a very successful partnership, using his members, and your corporate knowledge, to build a new golf business. Along the way you could be earning credits toward your PGA class A card, which would enhance your career.

Now in the last example you could take a full year of hard work , and secure four large Corporate accounts, along with some smaller ones. This would give you the foundation to have your own very successful corporate golf business .At this point you would be so busy taking care of these accounts, allowing no extra time for growth. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t hire some assistants, and continue to grow in the corporate arena.

So, with your college golf degree, along with becoming certified as a corporate golf specialist, your future is bright. Even in these down times for the golf industry, your training and golf knowledge in a brand new market, will give you the upper hand.

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